I’d put good money on the fact that Donald Trump, the man I’ve read about and listened to (if you haven’t listened to The Donald Tapes on The Run Up do so now — is in a cold panic right about now.

Why? Because there is no “there” there. The guy lives to serve his narcissism and his needs in the moment. His myopic focus is and was on WINNING. This is a man who routinely wrote hand-written notes to ANYBODY who dared suggest he wasn’t “number one” when he went through his morning press clips. My agent showed me one Trump sent to his bosses when my agent went on record saying that Jeff Zucker made a mistake putting “The Apprentice” on Thursday Nights.

Really? This Billionaire, this titan, had enough time in his day to address every little slight? Think about his Twitter rants. He’s lived in a bubble where he had so much control that anything that didn’t go his way was RIGGED and he was ready to tell you so.

The other day I heard on the news that Trump barely ever spends a night away from Trump Tower or one of his hotels. He is a creature of habit, creating a world around him that reflects his wants and needs. A world where taking advantage of people makes them stupid and him “smart.” A world where most of what he’s done on the campaign trail is talk about TRUMP and attack other people.

But being president is a JOB. One that requires doing lots of things he probably doesn’t want to do.

Now, he may be able to empower the people around him and try to emcee the “show” like the host of the ultimate reality gig. But every second of his life will now be even further scrutinized. Trump has shown little capacity for self-discipline. He’s shown little capacity for true reflection or forward thinking. Case in point, POLICY. He hasn’t expressed any in a detailed way because he was too busy defending himself against the latest news cycle. He couldn’t focus. But his ego won’t allow him to give over control completely. So will he truly empower anybody else?  All eyes are on him, and now that he is President Elect, Mr. Trump is beyond ripe for scandal.

Donald Trump can’t sleep because he is in a prison of his own making.  A place where he appears to be king, but he’s actually an employee for perhaps the first time in his life. And half of his employers — the American people — are a sleeping giant, awoken and ready to pounce on the first blunder he makes.

It’s no comfort, but if you think he’s gloating I suspect it’s only in moments. Shit just got real.

Now — our job — is to remain ACTIVATED. In some ways Hillary’s loss can be a gift to us. Had she won, we might have believed that things were better for marginalized people than they are. We might have minimized the impact of corporate greed on the poor and working class people of our country. We talk about morals, but a vast number of people vote over TAXES and jobs. They’re thinking about the bottom line. And yes, it’s the cruelest irony that they elected the very type of person who is happy to take advantage of them to make a buck — but maybe now that we can put a face to the rapacious greed that has cannibalized our economy, we can focus our efforts.

We all need to find our power. Whatever form is takes, and strap in for a fight.

And maybe adopt a puppy. As a rage offset.

xo M

One thought on “TRUMP CAN’T SLEEP

  1. Thank you for putting all this into WORDS. I have been thinking the same things: that suddenly he has a JOB, which I don’t think he ever imagined would actually make him work, that we must mobilize, and that it might be time to get another dog. Sending love, as always.


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