So few saw this coming.

Except Donald Trump.

Like many, I’m still reeling.

So much to think and say.

But if you are a writer, know that WORDS MATTER. We’ve been assaulted by words of hate for months and months. And we can pray that for Donald Trump, a product of REALITY TELEVISION, many of his words are meaningless to him. They are an act. If you listen to people who have spent time with him — there is no there there. He lives for admiration far more than deeply held beliefs.

We can pray that his want to be the most admired president will triumph over being the president of a nation of haters. He lost the popular vote. We can pray that that eats at him and now he hopes to “act” like a man of the world.

If you are a writer, know that WORDS MATTER. Your words now can heal. Your words can stir people to ACT. Think about the words of Martin Luther King and how they changed a nation and helped move the cause of civil rights further than anybody dreamed possible.

My brother is writing a book about converting to Judaism. This morning he was full of self loathing because he feels ashamed about being ONLY a writer. But my brother became a Jew because he cares so deeply about social justice, love, meaning and his family. So if you are a writer, think deeply. Write deeply. Because WORDS MATTER.

As he wrote to me, “we take a few days to feel all the feels, then we form the rebel alliance.”

I love words and their power. Find yours.

xo M