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Progessive issues, from what I can see. I mean, the work with Alicia Keys so thay have to be pretty sweet. What’s great about this is it shows you endorses and opposes each ballot measure and candidate.  I’m checking it against:

— which gives you more intel. As I get a little more informed I’m learning how important each and every vote you cast is. And how deceptive things can be on the surface if you see ads, etc. GET OUT THERE and vote, my friends. And thinking about writing and any other thing can commence shortly.

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Overview & Disclaimer

Many of you have asked for suggestions on how to vote in the upcoming November election. Below you will find a guide compiled by our colleagues based on research and recommendations from progressive sources. Please note nothing in this guide constitutes an endorsement by RALLY staff or RALLY. We offer it as a resource and encourage you to review multiple resources before voting.

Voting Iformation

From our friends at Rock the Vote
Polling Place Lookup:
Additional Information:
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Vote November 8

Polls open at 7:00 AM and close at 8:00 PM on election day.

Vote by Mail

Application due November 1. Ballot due to county elections office November 11.

offices and recommended candidates

President and Vice President: Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine

United States Senator: Attorney General Kamala D. Harris
Endorsed by CA Democratic Party, President Obama, VP Biden, Gov. Brown, Lt Gov. Newsom, Sen. Feinstein, Sen. Boxer, Sen. Warren, La Opinion, LA Times, SF Chronicle, Sac Bee, Brady Campaign, LCV, NRDC, Sierra Club, NARAL, EMILY’s List, Equality California, LPAC, Labor

United States Representative

  • 11th District: Congressman Mark DeSaulnier
  • 12th District: Leader Nancy Pelosi
  • 13th District: Congresswoman Barbara Lee
  • 15th District: Congressman Eric Swalwell
  • 27th District: Congresswoman Judy Chu
  • 28th District: Congressman Adam Schiff
  • 29th District: Congressman Tony Cardenas
  • 30th District: Congressman Brad Sherman
  • 33rd District: Congressman Ted Lieu
  • 34th District: Congressman Xavier Becerra
  • 37th District: Congresswoman Karen Bass
  • 40th District: Congresswoman Lucille Roybal-Allard
  • 44th District: Nanette Barragan
    Endorsed by EMILY’s List, LA Times, Sierra Club, LCV, DFA, Our Revolution, Feminist Majority PAC, Latino Victory Project, UAW, Sandra Fluke, Wendy Greuel, Dolores Huerta, LA Times

Member of the State Senate:

  • 3rd District: Bill Dodd
    Endorsed by CA Democratic Party
  • 9th District: Nancy Skinner
    Endorsed by NARAL Pro-Choice California, Sierra Club, EMILY’s List, Equality California, SF Chronicle, East Bay Times, Cal Berkeley Dems, East Bay Young Dems
  • 11th District: Scott Wiener
    Endorsed by CA Democratic Party, Lt Gov. Newsom, Labor, SF Chronicle
  • 25th District: Anthony Portantino, Jr.
    Endorsed by CA Democratic Party, Sierra Club, Labor
  • 35th District: Steven Bradford
    Endorsed by CA Democratic Party, Lt Gov. Gavin Newsom, LCV, Labor

Member of the State Assembly:

  • 4th District: Cecilia Aguiar-Curry
    Endorsed by CA Democratic Party
  • 10th District: Marc Levine
    Endorsed by CA Democratic Party
  • 14th District: Tim Grayson
    Endorsed by Congressman George Miller, Sen. Steve Glazer, Building Trades
  • 24th District: Marc Berman
    Endorsed by Lt Gov. Gavin Newsom, Congressman Jerry McNerney, Equality California, CA Young Dems, Silicon Valley Young Dems, Peninsula Young Dems, Labor,  SJ Mercury News
  • 30th District: Anna Caballero
    Endorsed by Equality California, Dolores Huerta, CA NAACP President, CCSA, Democratic Women of Monterey County, Monterey Herald, Santa Cruz Sentinel
  • 39th District: Raul Bocanegra
    Endorsed by CA Democratic Party
  • 43rd District: Laura Friedman
    Endorsed by Burbank Democratic Club, CA LCV, EMILY’s List, Equality California, LA Daily News, NOW California, Sierra Club CA, Planned Parenthood LA, Building Trades
  • 50th District: Assemblymember Richard Bloom
    Endorsed by CA Democratic Party

Superior Court Judge:

  • Office No. 1: Scott Jackson
    Endorsed by CA Democratic Party, Alameda County Democratic Party
  • Office No. 7: Victor Huang
    SF Democratic Party, SF Republican Party, SF Chronicle, SF Examiner
  • Office No. 11: Debra R. Archuleta
    Endorsed by LA County Democratic Party
  • Office No. 42: Alicia Molina
    Endorsed by LA County Democratic Party
  • Office No. 84: Susan Jung Townsend
    Endorsed by LA County Democratic Party & LA Times
  • Office No. 158: Kim L. Nguyen
    Endorsed by LA County Democratic Party

Local Races:

  • Berkeley Mayor: Jesse Arreguin
    Endorsed by Sen. Bernie Sanders, Alameda County Democratic Party, Sierra Club, Labor, Berkeley Democratic Caucus, Cal Berkeley Dems, East Bay Young Dems
  • Santa Rosa City Council: Jack Tibbetts
    Endorsed by Congressman Mike Thompson, North Bay Labor Council, Santa Rosa Chamber, Sierra Club,  Sonoma County Democratic Party, The Press Democrat

Statewide Ballot measures

Prop 51 – $9B in school bonds to build and improve K-12 and community colleges; supported by SF Chronicle, Lt Gov. Newsom, state legislators, CA Democratic & Republican Parties; opposed by SJ Mercury News, SD Union Tribune, Gov. Brown: YES

Prop 52 – Medi-Cal hospital fee program, no public opposition: YES

Prop 53 – Require state infrastructure projects over $2B to be voter-approved; would slow high speed rail and California Water Fix; no exemption for emergencies; opposed by CA Democratic Party, Gov. Brown, CA NAACP, CA LULAC, MALDEF, Labor, CA Chamber: NO

Prop 54 – Would require CA legislation to be posted online for 72 hrs before vote; includes exemption for emergencies; supported by CA LWV, CA NAACP, CA Common Cause, CA Chamber, League of CA Cities, CA Senior Advocates League, Dan Schnur, SF Chronicle, LA Times, Santa Cruz Sentinel; opposed by CA Democratic Party: YES

Prop 55 – Tax extension to fund education and healthcare; supported by Lt Gov. Newsom, other Democratic state officials and legislators, Labor, healthcare associations, Advancement Project CA, CA Democratic Party, SJ Mercury News, Sac Bee, Fresno Bee, Bakersfield Californian; opposed by CA Republican Party, CA Chamber, SD Union Tribune, SF Chronicle: YES

Prop 56 – Cigarette tax to fund healthcare, tobacco prevention; supported by CA Democratic Party, Tom Steyer, CA NAACP, Advancement Project CA, healthcare associations, environmental groups, Labor, SF Chronicle, SJ Mercury News; opposed by CA Republican Party, Big Tobacco, taxpayers associations: YES

Prop 57 – Criminal justice, sentencing and parole reform; supported by Gov. Brown, Lt Gov. Newsom, LA Police Chief, CA Democratic Party, Labor, SF Chronicle, Sac Bee, Bakersfield Californian; opposed by Republican legislators, CA Republican Party, police unions, district attorneys and county sheriffs, SJ Mercury News: YES

Prop 58 – Multilingual education; supported by Gov. Brown, Lt Gov. Brown, Democratic state officials and legislators, CA Democratic Party, Labor, Ed Trust—West, Children Now, CA Chamber, Advancement Project CA, LA Times, SD Union Tribune; opposed by CA Republican Party, Bakersfield Californian: YES

Prop 59 – Nonbinding advisory opinion on overturning Citizens United; supported by Sen. Bernie Sanders, Tom Steyer, Common Cause, CA Democratic Party, Advancement Project CA, Labor, SF Chronicle, Sac Bee; opposed by Republican legislators, LA Times: YES

Prop 60 – Condoms in adult films; supported by select healthcare foundations and two AIDS foundations; opposed by CA Democratic and Republican Parties, Equality California, AIDS Project LA, LA LGBT Center, SF AIDS Foundation, Transgender Law Center, Courage Campaign, SF Chronicle, Sac Bee: NO

Prop 61 – State prescription drug pricing standards; supporters say Prop 61 would lower drug prices for all state agencies, including Medi-Cal; Pharma and vets groups say Prop 61 would raise drug prices for CA veterans; supported by Sen. Bernie Sanders, Robert Reich, Progressive Democrats of America, LA Urban League, VoteVets, AARP CA, Dolores Huerta, Al Sharpton, CA Nurses Association; opposed by CA Republican Party, SF Democratic Party, LGBT Democratic Clubs, big pharmaceutical companies, CA NAACP, CA LULAC, CA Senior Advocates League, various medical associations, most veterans organizations, CA Chamber, Building Trades unions, SF Chronicle, LA Times, SJ Mercury News: no recommendation – vote your conscience

Prop 62 – Repeal the death penalty, replace with life without parole, save $150M/year; supported by Lt Gov. Gavin Newsom, Sen. Bernie Sanders, President Carter, Willie Brown, Antonio Villaraigosa, CA Democratic Party, Death Penalty Focus, CA NAACP, ACLU CA, CA LWV, Dem legislators and Members of Congress, Dolores Huerta, SF Bar Association, Homeboy Industries, National Legal Aid & Defender Association, CA Catholic Conference, Labor, Tom Steyer, Richard Branson, Russell Simmons, Van Jones, Mike Farrell, American Humanist Association, LA Times, SJ Mercury News, SF Chronicle, East Bay Times; opposed by CA Republican Party, law enforcement officials and organizations: YES

Prop 63 – Gun and ammunition control, background checks; supported by Lt Gov. Gavin Newsom, Sen. Feinstein, Sen. Boxer, CA Democratic Party, CA Young Dems, local officials, law enforcement officials and associations, CA LWV, Courage Campaign, Equality CA, SEIU; opposed by CA Republican Party, NRA, some law enforcement associations: YES

Prop 64 – Marijuana legalization and regulation; supported by Lt Gov. Gavin Newsom, Dem legislators and Members of Congress, Sen. Bernie Sanders, fmr. Congressman George Miller, CA Democratic Party, CA Young Dems, ACLU California, CA NAACP, Drug Policy Alliance, Equality California, Patrisse Cullors (Black Lives Matter), LA Times, Mod Bee, SF Chronicle; opposed by Sen. Feinstein, CA Republican Party, Republican legislators, law enforcement associations, Sac Bee, Fresno Bee: YES

Prop 65 – Plastic bag revenue; a ploy by the paper and bag companies to confuse the issue; supported by CA Republican Party; opposed by Clean Water Action, Surfrider Foundation, CA Environmental Justice Alliance Action, CA LWV: NO

Prop 66 – Speed up the death penalty, no fiscal savings; supported by CA Republican Party, law enforcement officials and organizations; opposed by everyone supporting Prop 62: NO

Prop 67 – Plastic bag ban; supported by Gov. Jerry Brown, Lt Gov. Gavin Newsom, Dem legislators and officials, CA Democratic Party, Tom Steyer, entire environmental community, CA LWV, Labor, Monterey Bay Aquarium, LA Times; opposed by paper and bag companies: YES

Local ballot Measures

LA County Measure A – safe, clean neighborhood parks; supported by Eli Broad, Audubon CA, Heal the Bay, LA Parks Foundation, LA LCV, LA County Democratic Party, Advancement Project CA, NRDC, REI, Latino Outdoors, Mayor Garcetti, LBC Mayor Garcia, La Opinion, LA Times; no public opposition: YES

LA County Measure M – traffic improvement plan; AARP CA, Building Trades, American Heart Associaition, Friends of the LA River, LA Times, LA Business Council, LA County Democratic Party, LA County Young Dems, LAUSD, LA LCV, City of LA, NRDC; opposed by Bus Riders Union, City of Beverly Hills, taxpayers associations: YES

LA Prop HHH – homelessness reduction; supported by LA Times, Mayor Garcetti, LA County Board of Supervisors, United Way LA, CA Community Foundation, Covenant House CA, Dolores Mission, Friends of LA River, Hollywood Property Owners Alliance, Housing Works, Inner City Law Center, LA Voice, LAANE, LA LCV, Public Counsel, SoCal Association of Nonprofit Housing, LA Chamber, Labor, LA County Democratic Party, LA County Young Dems; no prominent public opposition: YES

LA Initiative Ordinance JJJ – affordable housing and labor standards; supported by Labor, ACLU Southern California, Inner City Struggle, LA Voice, LA County Democratic Party, LA LCV, LAANE, LAUSD, National Action Network, NRDC, NCJW-LA, Public Council, Vote Vets, Youth Policy Institute, Climate Resolve, SoCal Association of Nonprofit Housing; opposed by developers, Valley Industry & Commerce Association, LA Chamber, LA Times: YES

LA Charter Amend RRR – DWP reform; supported by DWP, LA Times; opposed by Labor, LA County Young Dems, retired local elected officials: NO

LA Charter Amend SSS – LAX police pensions; would add to city’s pension burden, opposed by the unions of all workers impacted, LA Times: NO

Pacific Grove Measure P – admissions tax; opposed by Monterey Bay Aquarium, Friends of the Pacific Grove Public Library, Big Sur International Marathon, Meals on Wheels, Monterey County Democratic Party, Monterey County Rape Crisis Center, Monterey Peninsula Chamber, Nonprofit Alliance of Monterey County, Monterey Herald: NO